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"The reviews on this book have been excellent."

Shoe String Traveler

The February - March 1999 issue of the Shoestring Traveler refers to it as “The definitive guide for men who want to meet Latinas (Latin American ladies) who still live in their native countries for friendship and possible marriage, or for men who are already dating or married to Latinas and want to gain further understanding of the culture and individual expectations. The book is coauthored by McLeod, with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology, and White, President of TLC Worldwide, Inc. - The most successful Latin introduction service in the world. They are intimately familiar with the cultural and legal aspects of international dating and marriage, and share them with readers in a clear and straightforward style.”

Singles Choice Magazine"As it appears in"

In their book, The Romance Zone, James McLeod and Bruce White give readers in-depth information on how to meet, date and marry women from Latin America. Their inclusive guidebook discusses hundreds of topics from sex to religion to travel visas. This up-to-date information source is invaluable to any man thinking about or planning to visit a Latin American country, especially in explaining the various culture differences they will encounter when dating a Latina. In my opinion, some of the most useful information in The Romance Zone, is about the things an American would encounter everyday when visiting Latin America. For instance, where to change currency, when the local holiday are, how to tip properly, what the proper form of address is when meeting someone new or how to stay safe when walking the streets. I would certainly recommed this book to anyone planning a trip to Latin America.

Book Description

International Romance is booming! What began mildly almost 25 years ago has blossomed into an acceptable and growing method of finding love and romance. Most of us were raised in an atmospere of "Made in America," yet now single men are actively seeking ladies from Latin American cultures. You will learn the truths and misconceptions behind this trend that only "insiders" could reveal.

About the Authors

James McLeod holds a Ph.D in cultural anthropology and has lived in Latin America for over twenty years. Bruce White is president of TLC Worldwide, Inc., the most successful Latin Introduction Service in the world. They share their insights on the basic "how-tos" and economic concerns regarding the "The Romance Zone" of Latin Anerica. Never before has this important information, including life-styles, cultural differences, and basics of traveling Latin Anerica, been explained in such detail in a single volume.