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Chapter 43 - Tours

PART V - How to Meet that Special Lady

At the present time, T.L.C. Worldwide is conducting six tours per year to Mexico, Colombia (Cali and Barranquilla), Panama, Venezuela, and Honduras. If the number of marriages that have come out of the tours are any indication, it is an excellent way to meet your lifemate. Over 1/2 of the tour participants are engaged or married as a direct result of these tours. The tour concept will be much easier to understand if I describe for you how a typical tour is organized. Normally the very best hotel in the city is used (assuming that certain important criteria can be met). A large ballroom is reserved for the two weekend receptions (at each of which are normally a minimum of 200 women, different each night), catering is arranged for refreshments and appetizers, a disc jockey is contracted, door guards are usually hired, and a number of TLC girls who speak good English are hired to work as interpreters and assist their clients with introductions. TLC is convinced that an elegant setting enhances the reputation of TLC activities, and everything about the events are in good taste, carefully planned, and dignified.

The men usually arrive on Thursday afternoon or evening, and ordinarily (except for stragglers) someone will meet them at the airport and arrange transportation to the hotel. Fridays are pretty much free days. Normally small groups of men will go out for sightseeing. TLC always has suggestions as to what might be interesting. On Friday evening is the first of the two main social receptions, usually getting underway around 8 PM. I say around 8 PM, because the first of the girls usually start showing up by seven, hoping to get first shot at the guys. About midway through the evening the music stops, all of the tour participants are seated along long tables, and one of the interpreters goes from man to man with a microphone, interpreting if necessary, allowing each to say something about himself, so that all of the girls will have a chance to know a little about each guest. Then the music resumes, refreshments are served, and the party continues, usually ending around 1 AM, although many go to discotheques afterwards.

Saturday is a repeat of Friday, except that by Saturday many of the men will have met ladies from the Saturday reception and have dates during the day.

On Sunday afternoon there is usually a pool party with refreshments and barbecue, either at the hotel or some other choice location. Each man is given one special invitation on Friday, which he may use to invite the girl of his choice (from either Friday or Saturday night) to the pool party. TLC also invites a number of especially attractive girls to make up for any who received invitations, but didn't show up.

Mondays are free days. By then most men will have met one or two special girls by this time, can choose whom they are most serious about, and will have dates or be meeting her family. Staff is available to help with interpreting. On Tuesday morning the tour is officially over, and most men head for home, although quite frequently some will have begun something they are not ready to leave behind, and will stay over a few more days.

There are some steps that you can take that will make a tour more productive. If you have read through the rest of the book, it will be apparent to you that clothing is important to Latin Americans. For these events the girls dress in their finest clothing. You will be doing yourself a favor, and make a good impression, if you wear a coat and tie to the receptions. A 3-piece suit isn't necessary. A sport coat will do fine, but dress as nicely as you would for a reception in the United States, especially since you will be a guest of honor.

You will be astonished at the number of women at the receptions. You will not be able to remember all of them that you meet. Be sure to carry a notepad for jotting down phone numbers and addresses.

There will certainly be women who will want to meet you, but who can't because of the others surrounding you, and there will be those who you would like to meet, but find that you don't have the time to talk with them. I suggest that before you leave home have some calling cards made up with your photo and address. The photo is needed so that they will remember who you are. Unless you want to receive collect calls, it would be a good idea to leave off your phone number. You can then pass out the cards to whomever you wish for corresponding in the future. It will be easy enough to write in your number if you do want a collect call from a specific lady.

Another suggestion is to purchase International Telephone Calling Cards before you leave. You can give these to your girlfriend (if you have made your selection by then) to assist her in calling you later. I suggest that you designate specific times and pre-plan when you will communicate.

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