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Chapter 42 - Correspondence

PART V - How to Meet that Special Lady

You may have already been provided with a lot of information regarding the correspondence process. Here I want to discuss the relative merits of the three methods offered by T.L.C. Worldwide, Inc.


T.L.C. Worldwide regularly publishes photo catalogs of selected Latin American women every three months. The women are new in each catalog, and there are usually more than 500 photographs, along with some personal data about each lady. Promotional brochures are free (Bruce knows how to wet your appetite), but you have to buy the addresses. You will need to see current TLC literature to get the current prices. Free promotional photo brochures can be obtained by calling (713) 896-9224. Speak slowly and clearly to avoid any delays in your request.


Men's personal listing advertisements work a lot like the lady's catalogs do, but in reverse. T.L.C. advertises widely in many countries in Latin America. Each girl who writes in for information receives a free copy of the men's listings, which include photographs, biographical data, and addresses. While there is no actual information available about how many women get to see the listings, it is very clear that they get passed around to friends, and every man pictured gets a very wide exposure, possibly to several thousands Latinas. Your only problem in this situation is that you are likely to get dozens to hundreds of letters, and you will have to select those to which you will respond. Some men have used form letters, but I do not recommend it. A short, hand-written note along with a photo is the best way to get things rolling. Personal listings work best for gentlemen to busy to initiate the letter writing process, or those just beginning the international romance experience. We strongly encourage all gentlemen to participate in our Personal Listing Advertisement


During each of the TLC Tours, they arrange a separate room for photography near the ballroom where the receptions are being held. Here, each girl who wishes to join the program is photographed for publication in the next photo catalog. A videotape is also made, in which she is able to tell you some things about herself (sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish, but more often a mixture of the two). The advantage of viewing a videotape is that you get to hear her voice, see her expressions, and watch her body language and movements. It is the next best experience to being with her in person. TLC normally photographs more than 200 women during each tour, but far fewer wind up in the final edited videotapes. Bruce and James are very selective about who gets in, and you can be sure to have the cream of the crop in the videos. However, only a small number of the ladies in those countries in which we have tours are actually able attend based on their location. While the videotapes are certainly the best way to be able to see the ladies, only a small percentage of the TLC participants are presented, and the catalogs offer a much wider selection.

Whichever method you choose (and you might as well use all three at once), it is still a matter of correspondence, and you will eventually need to make a trip to visit that special lady. Correspondence, as I mentioned in an earlier chapter, is an excellent way to get to know another person whom you may share the rest of your life with.

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