Frequently Asked Questions

LEARN the "ABC’s of Latin Women as Future Wives…"

…the benefits, truths and misconceptions about Latin American Women marrying American men (what the media terms "mail order brides") See for yourself why International Romance is booming! What mildly began almost 30 years ago has blossomed into an acceptable and growing method of finding love and romance.

Thousands of American men are actively seeking brides outside of the USA. How did this happen? Most of us were raised in an atmosphere of "Made in America", yet now Single men are actively seeking Ladies from a Latin American culture. This book reveals the facts and answers the questions behind this trend that only "insiders" could reveal !

  1. Is a Latina (latin women) the answer to your dreams?
  2. When American men seek foreign wives, are they only looking for a subservient sex slave?
  3. Are foreign ladies poverty-stricken, only seeking a route to the U.S.?
  4. How does a "Latina" differ from a modern, liberated American woman?
  5. How does a Latina see herself as a woman? How does that affect her expectations of her man?
  6. What will a relationship and possible marriage abroad cost?
  7. What about immigration options for my new Latina fiancée?
  8. Is travel to Latin America safe?
  9. Won't my new Latina bride become "Westernized?"
  10. Will a Latina wife try to bring her entire family to the U.S.?
  11. How can I get started?

Jim McLeod, a PHD in Social Anthropology and co-author of this book, has lived in Latin America for over twenty five years. Bruce White, President of TLC Worldwide, Inc., the most successful Latin Introduction Service in the world shares his insights on the fundamentals relating to the "How to's" of marriage and fiancée visas and economic concerns regarding a "Latin Love Connection". Never before has such detailed information such as cultural similarities and differences, lifestyles, and the basics of Mtraveling Latin America been covered in such detail. Is a Latina (latin lady) for you? Each of the following questions will be answered inside...